Bob's Basic System

Microsoft® Excel Templates for the Construction Industry


Buy it once, use it forever
No annual fees or renewals
Tracks sales tax and gross receipts tax for multiple jurisdictions
Templates can be modified to suit your individual needs
Great for builders, remodelers, or specialty contractors
Perfect tool for flipping houses
Watch tutorials before you buy
Great office tool for any business

National Association of Home Builders Veteran Owned and Operated

Bob's Basic System (9 Templates) $125
Large Job Estimate
Large Job Cost
Wage Analysis
Small Job Estimate (Version A)
Small Job Estimate (Version B)
Small Job Cost
Cost Plus Invoice (Version A)
Cost Plus Invoice (Version B)
Service Invoice

Bob's Basic Sales Tax (1 Template) $25
Sales Tax and Gross Receipts Tax

Buy Both for only $130

You will find that these are simple, easy to use, and a great office tool for any business.