Bob's Basic System


Clifford Gillilan
Valcon, Inc.
Lewisburg, WV
Bob's Basic System was a game changer for our company. Being in the general contracting business for 60 years, and working in two different states, we provided a broad spectrum of services from commercial and religious, to high end custom, to certified historic restorations. From the initial integration of computers to our bidding, billing and job tracking systems, we have tried about every complicated, expensive and unsupported software product that purported itself to be "the best". All those headaches ended the first week of using Bob's Basic System. Installation and learning were a breeze, always supported by the program designer here in America and English speaking. The fact that the program was developed by a builder that understood accounting of expenses and job costs no matter the size and scope of the project, ease of use is seamless. We have appreciated it from the first day we installed it.
John Finlayson
Retired - Financial Services Client Relationship Manager
University of Charleston - Adjunct Faculty - MBA Program
Bob's Basic System is a comprehensive computer-based program that combines all of the elements required in managing a project budget. Although designed around the construction contracting business, it is easily adapted to any environment where you are trying to establish a working budget, monitor all associated costs and evaluate total expenses throughout the project. The Excel foundation provides the full use of formulas that allow continuous analysis of deviations, including additions, surpluses and any other assessments necessary to keep the project on track and within budget.